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Get One-On-One Help With Private Gymnastics Lessons

Private gymnastics lessons are full at this time and are not offered during the summer months. We will start accepting private lessons requests for the next school year starting at the end of October 2017.

Is your child really close to mastering a particular skill, but needs a little extra help? Are they nervous in a classroom setting? Or do they just love working with a particular coach? Private gymnastics lessons at The Children’s Gym provide a great way for your child to increase their confidence, skills, and ability.

Private Lessons are offered to enhance a child’s learning in a one-on-one setting. These lessons are recommended if your child is having difficulty on a certain skill and needs some extra attention. Working one-on-one with students, coaches will be able to fine tune skills and routines. Our professional instructors have worked hard to gain the knowledge and skill sets necessary to instruct in such a way that can be valuable to the students who are eager to learn more.

Private lessons allow a coach to work with one child and individualize each lesson in order to meet their specific needs. Lessons are scheduled based on limited availability, and pricing is based on the length of the lesson. If you would like help finding the right coach for your child’s private lessons, we would love to help.

Contact us to schedule your private lesson today.

One 30 Minute Lesson

$45.00 per class

One 45 Minute Lesson

$67.50 per class

One 60 Minute Lesson

$90.00 per class

Please contact us to schedule your private lesson.

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