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TCG Squad is a unique program for students who have successfully gone through all 4 recreational levels here at the gym. The Gymnastics Squad is an invitational gymnastics class that provides our gymnasts with the opportunity to train in a ‘team’ environment with similarly talented, dedicated, and enthusiastic gymnast friends. Squad classes are 2 hours long. Squad students perform in the special end-of-season performance for their family and friends. Students also receive a team leotards to be worn to all classes. Enrollment in the Squad Program requires passing an invite only squad assessment typically held in the spring. Once students have completed a minimum of a full season in a level 4 class their coach may invite them to try out for the squad program. Gymnasts must have certain high-level skills, an intense work ethic, and an overall awesome mentality for gymnastics in order to be successful on the team. The Squad Program is a great way for your child to improve their skills while being part of a truly special group. These students work at a challenging pace all season long and build strong relationships with each other and their coaches.

The TCG Squad Meets at the Following Times for 2023-24 Season:

Tuesdays at 5:50pm

Wednesdays at 5:50pm

Thursdays at 5:50pm

Thinking About Joining the Program Next Season?

Gymnasts will be notified in mid to late Spring if they are invited to join try out for the Squad Program.

TCG Squad Summer Camp Intensive

Click here to learn more about our 1-week intensive gymnastics summer camp! Held once a week every summer, this will be the highlight of your advanced gymnast’s summer!

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