Frequently Asked Gymnastics Questions

If you have any questions about gymnastics classes, camps, events, or pricing, please view the information below. If you can’t find what you are looking for, please feel free to contact us.

I see that I can sign my child up for your gymnastics classes at any time during the year. When is the best time for my child to start?

We craft our lesson plans around the September – June season. If your child starts in September and ends in June, they are going to receive a varied, challenging, and fun lesson throughout the season. With that in mind, our coaches are trained to facilitate a lesson that works students together as a group on skills they can all handle at that point in time. Then, coaches work one-on-one with students on the skills they are specifically developing. So your child can start any time between September and June and have a wonderful classroom experience, feeling included, challenged, and successful.

Participating in an entire season is going to give your child the most well-rounded experience, building more strength, developing more flexibility, and learning more skills. However, joining the season part way through is still going to be very beneficial. If you find your child interested in our classes in March, go ahead and sign them up. Their coach will get them started on the basic skills, so that they have a head start on the next season.

I see you run a full season of classes, am I committed to the full season? What is my schedule changes?

We do run our regular season similar to the school year, from September (sometimes late August) until mid June. You are not commited to attending the full season though. The enrollment is yours if you want it for the full season but you can drop on a monthly basis. Tuition is billed monthly and you can also drop within the season. You must notify us by the 20th of the current month if you wish your child to be dropped starting the next month. For example if you wish to discontinue classes starting in December you must notify us in writing by November 20th. If you do not drop your child’s enrollmment will continue perpeturally as will your billing until the season ends in June.

If your schedule changes throughout the season you can transfer your child into any open class by requesting so through the front office. Since classes can remain full most of the season we do reccomend getting on waiting lists a couple of months ahead of time.

Is there a fee to create an account of join a waiting list?

No. While our online system does require credit card information to be on file, you are not charged until an official enrollment takes place. If you join a waiting list you will be notified via email if a spot opens for your child. At that time you can claim the spot or pass on it. If you claim the enrollment billing will be processed at that time.

My child is very advanced for their age. Can they be put in the gymnastics class for older children?

No, at The Children’s Gym, we’ve found that placing a child into an incorrect age bracket takes away from not only the success of that child’s experience, but also from that of the other students in the class.

For our preschool program we overlap the age groups to provide students the opportunity to advance at their own unique pace. Within our recreational program we have multiple levels for a child to advance through. Moving up a level does require a coach recommendation. Coaches monitor student skill level within the class setting and will notify the front office when a child is ready to move up. The office will then reach out to families.

I'm not sure if I should enroll my child into Mini Movers 1, Mini Movers 2 or Tiny Tumblers. Which class is best for my child?

Ages 4 to 4.5 | Mini Movers 1 vs. Mini Movers 2

We recommend Mini Movers 1 for students who…

  • are new to The Children’s Gym
  • have not participated in other structured group classes
  • are not fully comfortable separating from their adult 

We recommend Mini Movers 2 for students who…

  • were enrolled in a Mini Movers class for the majority of last season
  • are accustomed to participating in a structured group environment
  • can easily follow instructions and work independently

Ages 5 to 5.5 | Mini Movers 2 vs. Tiny Tumblers

We recommend Mini Movers 2 for students who…

  • are new to The Children’s Gym
  • have not participated in other structured group classes
  • are not fully comfortable working independently
  • Mini Movers 2 is a 45-minute class with a 5-1 student-coach ratio

We recommend Tiny Tumblers for students who…

  • were enrolled in a Mini Movers class for the majority of last season
  • are accustomed to participating in a structured group environment
  • can easily follow instructions and work independently
  • Tiny Tumblers is a 55-minute class with an 8-1 student-coach ratio
My child is almost 7 years old. When can they move into the recreational program?

Your child can move up once they turn 7 and sometimes up to a month early. In anticipation of moving up, you can put your child on the waiting lists up to two month prior to their 7th birthday when your child is still 6. TCG will also add children currently enrolled and aging up on the waiting list for the older class at the same day and time they currently attend. Children enrolled and aging up will take priority on the waiting lists.

Do I have to stay on site during my child’s class?

For the 2022-23 regular season parents/guardians entering the facility will be limited due to staffing and safety issues. A parent/guardian is required to be onsite for children in our preschool program (children ages 6 and younger). Parents/guardians onsite will stay in one of the gym’s waiting rooms during class. The waiting room will an enclosed room separate from the open gym space. A TV is available in all waiting rooms for class streaming. In addition parents can stream classes through their own personal devices. We ask that no more than 2 people accommodate a student in the facility to provide the most comfortable space. Please note that parents/guardians the are required to be onsite are asked to do so in assisting younger children with needs they may have like restrooms etc. Coming into the facility is not for the observation of classes however waiting rooms do provide live steaming.

Children enrolled in our recreational program will come into the facility without an adult/guardian. If you have a concern or may need an individual accomedation, please reach out to our front office.

I have a child with me who is not in classes. Any suggestions on entertaining them?

Yes! We recommend bringing a few toys or books to entertain siblings not enrolled in classes. The waiting rooms are enclosed spaces which helps keep unenrolled students from entering the gym space. For parents who will have a sibling with them during the parent participation Roli Polie class a seat can be provided for the sibling near the class area so you can keep an eye on them. We would recommending bringing an activity for them to keep them busy while you are in class with your other child. If you need any type of individual accommodation, please reach out to us.  

My child is going to miss a class. Can they make it up?

Absolutely! Our current make-up policies can be found in the parent portal as well as in your online agreement forms. In order for an absences to eligible for a make-up it does need to be pre-excused so make sure you let us know! You can view the 2022/2023 regular season absence/make-up policies here.

Are all the classes full? Why can't I join a waiting list?

All level 1 classes are available online for enrollment. You will see a “register” link next to the classes on the website or they will appear within the parent portal. When a class is full a “waitlist” link will appear. For classes that are both full and have a full waiting list will not have a link available. This means the waiting list is full. We recommend checking back from time to time to see if the waiting list has become available to join.

Waiting lists are capped at a certain number of students to keep classes and those waiting as manageable as possible. Joining a waiting list does not guarantee you will be offered an opening.

When do classes stop?

Our regular season schedule runs perpetually from typically the end of August through early June. Your child will remain in the class until then, unless we receive written notice from you to drop them. Please see billing/drop policies with in the parent portal agreements for more details. We will not hold classes the 2 weeks of Winter Break and the week of Spring Break. For the current season start and end dates please reference your classes within the parent portal.

What are the front office hours?

Currently our front office is not staffed full-time. Administration staff members split their time between the office and coaching classes. Typically someone is in the office between 9am and 3pm Monday-Friday however there are hours within this time frame all staff members are coaching. With this our facility is closed to the public and we are unable to accommodate walk-in clients with inquires. We recommend reaching out to us via phone or email to connect with us regarding your questions or to set-up a tour. We appreciate your flexibility during this rebuilding time as we continue to hire.

For Summer 2022 our office hours will be 8am-4pm Monday-Thursday.

How do I get into the building at The Children's Gym?

If you are enrolled in regular gymnastics classes, your welcome email will go over instructions on how to check your child into classes. Check-in starts 5 minutes before the class start time and is conducted at our door off the corner of 17th Ave and Sandy blvd. Please remember we ask that only 2 people accompany children enrolled in our preschool program into the facility. Children enrolled in recreational gymnastics classes ages 7 and older come into the facility independently. 

Please note that other businesses within TCG like OIDA and KTL enter the facility differently. Please refer to those companies specifically. 

Is it okay to open the door for others?

No. Please do not open the doors to the facility for others. We ask all parents/guardians who are in the facility during classes to remain in the waiting rooms unless using the restrooms. Pathways, entry ways and doors must remain clear at all times while within the facility. The doors to our facility are locked at all times, if you leave during class you will not be able to get back in and we ask that you do not have someone stay by the door to let you back in. All entry points must remain secure while classes are being held to ensure a safe facility for all inside.

Where is parking?

There is a parking lot directly behind our building that is shared with and ProTek Automotive that you are more than welcome to park in. Our spots are marked with The Children’s Gym signs. In addition, there is street parking all around the building, as well as across Sandy Blvd. If you do park across Sandy, please note there is a crosswalk on 16th Ave. as Sandy is a 4-lane road.

I can't access my old account. Can you restore it for me.

After an account has been inactive for a period of time, typically a year TCG archives the account. If you are unable to log into your account and it has been a while since your child was enrolled, it has most likely been archived. Email us at contact@childrensgym.com and we can restore it for you.

Do you have a lost and found?

Yes. If you leave something behind please email or call us. Coaches typically pick-up left behind items and store them in our offices. If we know who the item belongs to, we will give them to the student the next week they attend.

How can I contact The Children's Gym about sign ups, absences, makeups and other inquiries?
You can call our front office at (503) 249-JUMP (5867) during office hours and you can also email us at contact@childrensgym.com. Email is sometimes the fastest way to get a response because we always have it open and we check it periodically after hours and on weekends. You can also leave us a voicemail.
What should my child wear to class?

Gymnastics involves running, spinning, flipping, going around bars, balancing on beams, jumping on trampolines…you need an outfit that can manage!

Leotards are great because they are tight-fitting, so there’s no loose fabric to get caught on a bar or on the rings. They also are one piece, so jumping up and down doesn’t expose the stomach or legs like a t-shirt or a dress would. It’s important to note, too, that gymnastics leotards specifically cover the midriff to protect the skin when rotating around a bar. The tight-fitting nature of a leotard also allows coaches to spot easily, without getting their hands unsafely stuck in extra fabric.

So what do we recommend to wear? Leotards, or something very similar: tight-fitting, one piece, covered midriff. Athletic attire is also great so long as it is not too baggy. We have leotards and tight-fitting shorts available for sale at the gym as well as through our Digital ProShop. Children will entry the gym facility barefoot, hair pulled back if long enough, and without any jewelry on.

On what holidays/school closures is The Children's Gym closed?

Our facility is closed the following days: New Years Day, Memorial Day, July Fourth, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.

We are open on all other holidays unless communicated on a seasonal basis. On PPS closure days, regular classes are in session.

We will not be holding regular classes during Thanksgiving week or the two weeks of Winter Break as we will be offering camps. The same will be true for Spring Break and Summer Break.

Does The Children's Gym close for snow or other extreme weather?

The Children’s Gym always strives to hold services regardless of weather. Should weather ever become so extreme that it is impossible for us to offer services, we would notify you by email, by phone, and/or by posting on our website and our Facebook page. We will also send out text alerts so we highly recommend opting into this service in your portal account.

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