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Summer Gymnastics Camp 2023

3.5-4 year old camp groups!

Dates: Running select weeks this summer. See below for specifics. Enrollment is for all 4 days. Single day enrollments are not possible at this time.

  • Thursday, June 15 – Friday June 16 *Tuition adjusted to reflect 2 day camp.
  • Monday, June 26 – Thursday, June 29
  • Monday July 17 – Thursday, July 20
  • Monday, July 31 – Thursday, August 3
  • Monday, August 21 – Thursday, August 24

During summer vacation, your child has the chance to experience gymnastics, arts and crafts, free play and field games (weather permitting) at our fun-filled gymnastics summer camp! Camp is available for children ages 3.5 through 4 years.

Our Gymnastics Center has state-of-the-art equipment including Bars, Beams, Vaulting Table, Tumbling, Rings, Tumbl Trak, and more.


2023 Gymnastics Summer Camp Billing/Enrollment Policies:

  • NON REFUNDABLE DEPOSIT: At the time of sign-up 1/3 of camp tuition will be collected. This deposit is non-refundable or eligible for credit, no exceptions.
  • TUITION BALANCE BILLING: On May 1, 2023 the remainder of June & July summer camp tuition will be collected through autopay. On June 1, 2023 the remainder of August summer camp tuition will be collected through autopay. Once camp tuition is collected, it is non-refundable or eligible for credits*
  • CANCELING ENROLLMENT: Families can request in writing to cancel their enrollment and not be billed camp tuition balance amounts so long as the request is received by the required deadline. Cancellations for June & July camps must be received by April 30, 2023. Cancellations for August camps must be received by May 31, 2023. Drop notices will be processed thus dropping students from their enrollment and removing applicable tuition balance amounts. Deposits WILL NOT BE REFUNDED or CREDITED to accounts. Once camp tuition is collected, it is non-refundable or eligible for credits*.
  • CREDITS: There is one exception that will grant a partial credit for camp tuition. A child who is sick or injured*with doctors note and is excused from camp BEFORE it begins will receive a 50% tuition credit on their account for a future camp. This credit is only valid for future camp charges within the next 12 months and cannot apply towards other fees such as class tuition, membership fees, etc. A child must be dropped/excused from the camp prior to the first day and will then be dropped and credited. Injuries with a doctor note that occur during the week will receive a credit for the remainder of the week once a child is dropped. Sick calls during the week are not eligible for a credit.
  • CAMP TRANSFER: Space permitting, students can transfer camp enrollment into a different week during Summer 2023. A transfer must be requested no less than 4 weeks prior to the start of the current enrollment week. There is a $20 fee assessed to camp transfers. Previous payments towards the original camp week will apply to the new camp enrollment.
  • LATE PICK-UP: Children are expected to be picked up by the end of the camp day (3:00pm). If children are picked up late, family accounts will be assessed a late pick up charge of $5 plus a $1/minute for each minute after 3:00pm.
  • POTTY TRAINED REQUIREMENT: Children must be potty trained before their first day of camp. Children who attend camp that are not potty trained per the policies and guidelines listed below could be sent home and dismissed from camp without a refund.
    • What does it mean to be potty trained? A potty trained child can…
      -Tell an adult they have to go to the bathroom BEFORE they go.
      -Be able to pull down their underwear and pants and get them back up without assistance.
      -Be able to wipe themselves.
      -Be able to wash & dry their hands.
      -Be able to postpone going for a short period of time if they need to wait for a free toilet or they are a ways away from a restroom.
      • Younger Camp: Children enrolled in the younger camp group will all be grouped together. If your child is attending with a friend you can let us know so staff is aware for things like partner work etc.
      • Children can not be grouped together across the younger and older camp groups. Siblings will NOT be automatically placed in the same group. If you wist to request that your children are in the same cohorts, please request so during enrollment utilizing the comments section of the online form.

Camp Prices:  

$465 for members/week (price will be adjusted before collecting payment)
$480 for non-members/week
There are no siblings discounts.

If you are not a member with us and wish to become one, ($50 for 1 child or $75 for a family, good for 12 months) please indicate this in the comments section of your online enrollment.


3.5- to 4-years-old
*The 3.5 through 4 year old camp age group will run on its own unique schedule to accommodate the social and emotional needs of our younger campers. Children MUST be potty trained, please see details under enrollment policies. This camp group will run separate from the older camp group.

Children must be 3.5 years old by the 1st day of camp to enroll into the Younger Camp

Hours: New hours for 2023!

8:30am – 3:00pm

Camp Check-In: 8:30am-9:00am.
Camp Check-out: 2:45pm-3:00pm
*Campers can be checked in or out anytime during the periods listed above. Guardians will check children in with a TCG staff member in our lobby and then proceed to drop them off with their camp coach. For check-out guardians will show ID and receive a pick-up pass from a TCG staff member in our lobby and then proceed to pick up their child from their camp group.

If you will be dropping your child off for camp after 9am or needing to pick up before 3pm, please connect with our front to make arrangements.

What to Send With Campers: .

  • Snack and Lunch: Campers will have lunch and a morning snack during the day. Food must be nut and peanut free. Please make sure to send plenty of food that is ready to eat as we are unable to heat food or provide food at this time.
  • Footwear: We recommend sending children in athletic shoes or sandals the stay on your child’s foot. We do not recommend shoes or sandals that easily all off such as flip-flops as children will be participating in active games outside daily.
  • Jacket: Due to constant air flow in the gym it can get a little chilly, so we suggest sending a light jacket or sweatshirt with your child.
  • Water bottle: A filled water bottle for your child to take into the gym and to the park.
  • Extra set of clothes: for younger children in case of accidents.
  • Attire: Children should be dressed in clothing that allows for easy movement. Jeans are not permitted in the gym so please refrain from dressing your child in them.

The Children's Gym

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