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Recreational Gymnastics Program Assessments

During the regular season, gymnastics program assessments are scheduled on the 4th Friday of each month from 6:40 – 7:40 pm. Assessments are an hour when coaches use a skill checklist to determine what class your child is ready for. These assessments may run up to an hour. If an assessment group is full, the assessment will probably take the full hour. If an assessment group is smaller, students may be released before an hour is up. Assessments are not mandatory, but passing an assessment is the only way that your child can advance to the next skill level class within the recreational gymnastics program.

Children are most successful in gymnastics program assessments when they have taken classes at The Children’s Gym before or are currently enrolled. We strongly recommended new students enroll in level 1 classes before taking an assessment. Students under the age of 7 are typically permitted to enroll in assessments; however, we ask families to speak with our front office prior to enrolling to ensure the best placement for the student.

Click here to view a chart that shows class progress at The Children’s Gym. When a student enrolls for the first time at The Children’s Gym, they are automatically placed into the first level class for their age. All classes at The Children’s Gym are divided by age, and a student is not eligible to advance to the next age bracket for their level until their actual birth date. You can also add your child to a waiting list in anticipation of their birthday.

What Takes Place During an Assessment?

At assessments, students will interact with coaches in a different way than in class. Coaches will be quickly evaluating a student’s skills off the checklist, quickly rotating between apparatus in the gym. It will not be like a class with stations or jobs, and coaches will not be instructing, merely evaluating.

At the end of the assessment, the coach will give your child a completion certificate. The following week, you will receive an email with your child’s placement, and an attached skill checklist so that you can see exactly what skills, if any, still need work before they change classes.

When Should Your Child Do an Assessment?

You can sign your child up for an assessment if you or their coach feel that they are ready to move up based on their performance in their weekly class. If they pass the checklist, you can then enroll them in their new class. If they’re not quite ready, you’ll know what they’re still working on.

Don’t feel like your child is ready to move up yet? That’s okay! Assessments are a great opportunity for your child no matter what! Gymnastics program assessments are a chance to regularly measure your child’s skills, like a progress report in school. Held once a month, your child has time to improve between assessments and then see just how much they improved by being evaluated by the assessment coach.

It’s important to note that assessments are not designed for students in Cartwheel Cuties, Firecrackers, Hotshots, or Sparklerz classes. Those classes are the highest level classes in the recreational gymnastics program for those age brackets. Gym Rompers, Fancy Flippers, and Aerials students may be invited by their coach each May to join the next season’s Advanced Gymnastics Program if their coach feels that they have the necessary mentality and skill level to be successful in the Advanced Program. Assessments are also not designed for Advanced Gymnastics Program students. Advanced gymnasts will be invited by their coach each May to return to the next season’s Advanced Gymnastics Program if their coach feels that they have the necessary mentality and skill level to be successful in the Advanced Program.

Assessments cost $15 per child, and registration is available online or by phone. Assessments start promptly on time and due to the nature of assessments, late arrivals will not be permitted. We recommend arriving 10 minutes early. Registration closes 24 hours prior to an assessment. Click the button below to register.

Please let us know if you have any questions.

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