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Advanced Gymnastics Program

The Advanced Gymnastics Program is different from our Recreational gymnastics program because it is a non-competitive team. Gymnasts in the Advanced Program commit to an entire season of classes with the same teammates, and they work individual and group routines to present in a special end-of-year Showcase.

Enrollment in the Advanced Program requires a coach invitation, as gymnasts must have certain high-level skills, an intense work ethic, and an overall awesome mentality for gymnastics in order to be successful on the team. Classes are longer and harder than Recreational Program classes because all Advanced Gymnastics Program classes meet together twice a week for an hour and a half.

The Advanced Class is a great way for your child to improve their skills while being part of a truly special group.  These students work at a challenging pace all season long and build strong relationships with each other and their coaches.  In addition, at the end of the season, the Advanced Program students have special roles in our June Showcase, performing in their own unique show as well performing as role models in the Recreational Program show.

Please note that while the Advanced Program is a yearly commitment, first year students are able to use September as a trial period.  If at the end of September it does not seem like the Advanced Program is the right fit for your family, you will be able to remove your child from the class without any commitment. And of course, your child is always welcome to participate in our Recreational Gymnastics Program, as those classes have no yearly commitment or special requirements.

Advanced Classes will meet on both Tuesdays and Thursdays from 6:45pm-8:15pm. Thinking about joining the program next season? Come watch a class! You are always welcome to observe from one of the designated waiting areas.

Gymnasts will be notified on towards late May if they are invited to join the next season’s Advanced Program. Spaces will be limited as current students will have already been given a chance to sign up. All registrations will be on a first-come, first-serve basis, and all registration details will be thoroughly explained in the invitation email.

Advanced Gymnastics Summer Camp Intensive

Click here to learn more about our 1-week intensive gymnastics summer camp! Held once a week every summer, this will be the highlight of your advanced gymnast’s summer!