kids inclusion assistance

Kids Inclusion Assistance

At The Children’s Gym, we are committed to giving kids of all abilities access to our programs. To accomplish this, we developed a special program to meet your child’s unique needs. If you feel that your child has the ability to be successful in a class setting, but they just need a little assistance, we offer kids inclusion assistance.

If you would prefer that we provide assistance, a second coach can be added onto your child’s age-appropriate gymnastics class to provide one-on-one support to your child. We offer trained staff to assist and ensure that your child is able to become familiar and comfortable with gymnastics, and a variety of other activities. Inclusion assistance allows your child to gain the support they need to successfully immerse into an age-appropriate program where they can learn, thrive and grow.

Please note that inclusion assistance is very limited, and not available all hours.

The cost for inclusion assistance is typically $15 per lesson or $60 per month in addition to the usual monthly class tuition and associated fees. Please note that our inclusion assistance is scheduled based on limited availability.

If you would like to provide the in-class assistance, your child may participate in their age-appropriate gymnastics class with the assistance of a parent, respite provider, or therapist for the duration of the class, at no extra cost beyond the usual class tuition and associated fees.

If you would like to learn more about our programs for children with special needs, please contact Andrea, our director at You can also call The Children’s Gym at 503-249-5867.

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