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End-Of-Year Showcase

Enroll NowThe Childrens Gym Gymnastics

The end-of-year showcase allows our students to perform the skills they have learned in front of their family and friends in a low-key environment. It is available to all of our students in an independent class, but it is not mandatory. Registration is required and is limited.

There will be two show-times between the hours of 1pm-4pm. Children will be assigned to a time at a later date based upon total sign-ups. Registration will be available until two weeks prior to the show, or until the show fills. The cost of the show is $40 per student, and includes a trophy. Dance and Gymnastics students are welcome to participate in both aspects of the show and will receive a dance and gymnastics trophy. There is an additional $15 to perform in both gymnastics and dance.


Important to Note:

  • Students must be enrolled in April, May, and June classes in order to be eligible to do the show.
  • Siblings will be in the same show.
  • We cannot accept requests for special show-times.
  • We ask that there be a 4 person limit for guests to keep a comfortable viewing space.
  • Registration is required.
  • After each show, we will have a short reception time. We will be asking parents to bring a snack or beverage to share after the show.

All sign-ups are final. No refunds or credits.