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Summer Dance Classes

Summer Session Runs June Through August

PartnersDuring the summer season, we structure our dance classes on a flexible basis in order to accommodate our families’ busy summer travel schedules. Dance classes are offered on select days throughout the summer. Classes are held on a drop-in basis, so you have the opportunity to sign up for only the classes that you know you will be in town for.

In our regular season, we divide students into classes by age and level. Summer classes are divided slightly differently than our regular season classes in order to accommodate the irregularity of summer enrollment.

Dance shoes are not required for students new to our classes, but they are highly encouraged. Ballet flats, jazz shoes, or Irish light shoes (also known as pomps, soft shoes or ghillies) are all suitable shoes for learning light shoe, and tap shoes or Irish heavy shoes (also known as hard shoes or jig shoes) are all suitable shoes for learning heavy shoe. The Leotard on MLK provides ballet flats, jazz shoes, and tap shoes. Irish shoes can be found many places online, but we highly recommend purchasing them in person to avoid sizing issues. Noel Hislop is the local supplier of Irish dance shoes – give him a call at 503-287-3009 to schedule a shoe fitting at TCG.

Check back here in the Spring to register for Summer Classes.