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Irish Dancing Parent’s Night Out & Parent’s Afternoon Out!

Every season, we hold a two VERY SPECIAL EVENTS…Irish Dancing Parent’s Night Out and Irish Dancing Parent’s Afternoon Out! For three and a half hours, we entertain your dancers so you can have some time to yourself! It’s perfect for a date, cleaning, shopping, time with a good book, etc!

Irish Dancing PNO’s and PAO’s are special events just for past and current Irish dancers (and their siblings).┬áPlease note that all children must be potty-trained in order to attend. We don’t provide food, but you are welcome to send your child with a nut-free snack (we are a nut-free facility in consideration of common allergies) if you think they will be hungry.

Cost is typically $35 per dancer (sibling discount – $60 for two children, and $15 for each additional). Space in each event is limited, so you’ll need to reserve your spot in advance. Registration will be available online, or you can call or email to sign up.

So what will we do at this awesome and unique event? Read more below, but basically, we’ll dance some ceili dances, have open gym, play group games, and watch some awesome Irish dance videos or an Irish dance movie. It’s a unique and unforgettable evening that you won’t want your dancer to miss!

Email our director, Miss Christina, at if you have any questions.

What Goes On at the Awesome and Unforgettable Irish PNO & PAO

Ceili Dancing: With so many dancers together in one place, we’ll be able to call large group ceili dances! Ceili (pronounced kay-lee) is a Gaelic word meaning gathering. Ceili dancing is similar to square dancing, just with an Irish twist to it! Ceili dancing has been around for hundreds of years, and is so much fun. It’s always a huge hit with the dancers, as moving through formations with so many partners is very different than solo dancing. It’s exciting, a great mental challenge, and a fun workout!

Open Gym: Always a popular past time, the dancers will get to play in the gymnastics facility! They can bounce on the trampoline, swing on the bars, run and jump on the vault, try out their tumbling, balance on the beams, test their strength on the rings and rope, etc! It’s not uncommon for the dancers to try out their Irish dance moves in the gym, too – it’s pretty fun to dance your pattern across the beam and leap down the tumbling trampoline! Not to mention, we’ll be rocking the gym with some of the best Irish music of all time, aka fun fun fun!

Dance Games: We’ve got a repertoire of Irish dancing games, some of which are only able to be done in a big space like the gym floor, so we’ll whip them out! Giggles are sure to ensue with What Time Is It Mrs. Leprechaun, Dublin to Belfast, Leprechaun’s Gold…to name a few!

Irish Dancing Videos or a Movie: There are so many awesome Irish dancing videos now, some just short clips from dancers all over the world. At PNO & PAO, we’ll either show a compilation of all our favorite Irish dancing videos, or we’ll put on one of our favorite Irish dancing movies (like Riverdance or Jig). We’re always inspired by the amazing dancing that’s been captured on film and can’t wait to share that inspiration with our dancers!

You won’t want to miss out!