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Tuition & Fees

Dance Class Tuition

All 55-minute dance classes at The Children’s Gym are priced at $81 per month . Tuition is based on a four-lesson, four-week month and will be adjusted accordingly for longer or shorter months.

Our class tuition reflects our small class sizes and the quality, personal instruction that comes with the resultant teacher-student ratio.  For 3-4 year olds we offer a class with a maximum of five students, and for 5-14 year olds we offer a class maximum of six students.  Here at TCG our goal is to introduce the wonderful art of Irish dancing to as many young children as possible, so we do our best to keep costs low and affordable.  You pay a gym registration fee, you buy dance shoes, and you pay for the cost of class.  That’s it!

Gym Membership Fee

At The Children’s Gym, we require families with students enrolled in weekly classes to pay a yearly membership fee. For all other services the membership fee is optional, but paying the membership fee gives you discounts on most services. Families with a single child pay $40 per year for membership, and families with multiple children pay $50 per year. Regular memberships can be converted to family memberships at any time.


Family and duel enrollment discounts are available. After the first child, additional siblings receive 10% off their tuition. Third siblings trigger not only their 10% discount but an additional 10% off the total family charges monthly.  Multiple class enrollments receive 10% off additional class tuition after the first class.


We do not require that your child wear special Irish shoes. Students must have some kind of dance shoe, as the leather between the foot and floor will protect the foot from the repeated impact of all the jumps that come with dancing. If you already have ballet flats or jazz shoes at home, those work great to start in for light shoe classes, and if you already have tap shoes, those are great for heavy shoes classes.

If you don’t have any dance shoes yet, we recommend giving Noel Hislop a call to get Irish shoes, as they make the whole experience that much more fun! Noel Hislop owned and operated The Celtic Corner, Portland’s beloved Irish store for many, many years before retiring in 2015. He continues to supply dance shoes to Portland’s Irish dancers, as he knows how tricky it can be to guess what size to order when buying online. Give him a call at 503-287-3009 and he will arrange a time to meet you to try on shoes. Noel is so sweet, and his Irish accent makes the whole experience of getting your Irish dancing shoes that much more fun!

Ask him about buying Hallmore’s beginner Irish light shoe (called their “beginner pomp”) or Hallmore’s beginner Irish heavy shoe (called “beginner jig shoe”)  – Hallmore offers the best price for Irish shoes on the market, about $30 for the light shoe and $60 for the heavy shoe – prices comparable to jazz and tap shoes.

You can also check out our used shoe board in our dance lobby to see if any of our dancers are selling an old pair of their shoes.

Free Trial Option

Click here for information about signing your child up for a free trial class.