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TCG’s Irish Dancing Program

Mirror MirrorTCG offers a full range of non-competitive Irish dancing classes for ages 3-14.   Why not other kinds of dance, too, you ask?  Well, we’ve summed it up for you below, but you can read a more detailed explanation of why by clicking here.

1)        We’ve got wonderful coaches who are passionate about Irish dancing.
2)        Irish dance is unique, cultural, and fun.
3)        Our program is non-competitive, so students get a dance-focused education.
4)        Our program provides an excellent foundation for dance, sports, and music.
5)        Irish dancing is a full-body workout!
6)        Students learn in a structured and consistent manner.
7)        Irish dance is mentally stimulating.
8)        Music is inseparable from Irish dancing, so students gain musical education.

Classes are separated by age and level, so your child receives the most appropriate structure and instruction.  Our program offers non-competitive classes in both Irish light shoe (somewhat comparable to ballet) and Irish heavy shoe (somewhat comparable to tap).

Would you like to talk more about why Irish dancing is right for your child?  Our dance director, Miss Christina, is more than happy to meet with you to talk it through!   You can send her an email at or give her a call at 503-249-JUMP (5867).

Ready to sign your child up for Irish dancing?  Click the link on the top right of the page to register now, or click the links below to learn more!

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