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Inspiring Children through Gymnastics

Portland Gymnastics Coach

Our Philosophy

The Children’s Gym motto is “Inspiring Children for a Lifetime!” and that pretty much says it all.  Inspiring children is what we strive to do.  We want every child who comes through our doors to leave feeling happy about life, proud of themselves, and excited for next time!

Unlike competitive programs that focus on skill level alone, our focus is to build self esteem and encourage positive group interaction in an utterly non-competitive environment.  Students are not competing with each other, but are striving for self-improvement.  This is made possible with excellent coaches and teachers, small student-teacher ratios, and detailed lesson planning.

Our coaches and teachers use hands-on spotting and interaction combined with guided independent work from students to create a mentally and physically challenging class that instills confidence, enthusiasm, and fitness.  Our staff members infuse safety with creativity, respect with kindness, and clear expectations with positively delivered discipline.

“My girls used to be so shy and reserved.  I was worried about all the things they were missing out on when I wasn’t there to help them.  When I signed them up for classes at The Children’s Gym, I was shocked weeks later when I noticed for the first time how things had changed!  They are now confident in themselves, ready to speak up and voice their creative ideas and to interact with new friends.  Their coaches made that happen.  Thank you, TCG!” – Debbie, Current Parent

“I wish class never had to end!” – Addie, Current Student

“I am so lucky to have found my way back to The Children’s Gym.  I did gymnastics here for 8 years when I was growing up, and I have so many fond memories.  I even have my old trophies from end-of-the-year gymnastics showcases!  I applied to be a gymnastics coach in April 2012, and I am so thankful for that day.  The Children’s Gym is simply a beautiful place, and I don’t mean the building, though it is a huge and awesome facility!  I mean the fact that so many talented and passionate people come to work here each day excited about creating an awesome experience for so many kids.  It’s comparable to a bee-hive in the staff rooms each day, with coaches literally running around getting things done, always trying to make this and that the best that it can be.  It’s amazing, and I’m so lucky to get to work at a job I love so much. ” – Christina White, Irish Dancing Program Director and Gymnastics Coach