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Become a Part of The Children’s Gym Team

With a diverse collection of programs including gymnastics, dance, special needs, preschool, camp, and birthdays, working at The Children’s Gym can be a fun and rewarding experience no matter what. We have part-time and full-time employees, some who like to be involved in many programs, and some who specialize in one program.

The biggest thing that makes The Children’s Gym different is our firm belief in how we teach and interact with children. Our motto is and has always been “Inspiring children for a lifetime!” because that is what we strive to do. We believe in teaching students how to feel successful by striving for self-improvement.

We are always accepting applications, and we seriously consider each applicant.

To Apply


Turn in 3 Character References. Download reference form HERE.
After submitting the application, you will also need to acquire three reference letters. You must use OUR reference sheets, which can be downloaded and they must be filled out in full. Please do not mail name and addresses of your references for us to contact, we require you to have our forms filled out by your references and submitted.